Product Manager

Product Manager

Ledsreact has developed state-of-the-art hardware and software to track multi-directional movements and provide valuable insights into agility and speed for top sports coaches and prestigious sports leagues worldwide (NBA, NFL, NHL and Champions League). 


In support of long term customer success, we are continuously developing new product features thanks to the skills and expertise of multiple external parties. 


We are hiring a talented Product Manager who thrives in a complex environment and wants to make an impact in the world of Sports Technology. He or she will be responsible for the delivery of the features on our roadmap, co-defined with our customers. 


The Project Manager will communicate with multiple stakeholders — our clients, the external teams, and the Ledsreact team. He or she will manage our external teams and transition into building an in-house team, by hiring and guiding the right people into a high performance product team.  


Key responsibilities 


Ledsreact’s technical environment

To ensure long term customer success, we keep developing and improving our product offering, consisting of a complex mix of hardware and software. This requires the skills and expertise of multiple external parties. Ideally, the Project Manager has worked in a similar environment or has a technical understanding of the different aspects of our technology, as explained below. We currently work with three external development partners, each with different skills and responsibilities. Part of the job will be to unify this and bring a part of the execution and knowledge of these parties in house, with a focus on software development.


  1. Infrastructure, front-end and back-end development
  1. Data science
  1. Hardware and embedded software


What can you expect from Ledsreact? 

We are the tech nerds of Sports Performance. At Ledsreact, we are passionate about building the right technology to enable athletes and coaches to achieve their dreams. Based on our professional sports and military background, we strongly believe that teamwork and an open mindset is the basis to be successful in this mission. At Ledsreact, we strive for an excellent team spirit in which a passion for sports and technology is the common thread throughout our policy. 


You will enter a challenging and fast-growing environment that will give you the opportunity to grow with the company.