Test & train

Testing is a crucial part of driving athletes’ performance. The Ledsreact Pro will give you the hard data points you need. Perform standard and specific agility tests in a more efficient way and get more relevant analysis with the built-in testing possibilities. No wearable required. You can find some examples of tests and drills below. 


Test center

The Master Checkpoint test is Ledsreact's way of allowing to create custom agility tests
The 5-10-5 or Pro Agility test looks into an athlete's change of direction capabilities in both right and left direction
The Agility Box test challenges your athletes' decision making speed
The COD or 505 test gives you detailed insights into how an athlete changes direction
Perform a sprint up to 50 meters and get insights into every moment of the performance
The Agility T-test quantifies how athletes change direction in response to an unexpected stimulus
Track every single movement of up to 4 people at the same time throughout a sprint test

Train center

Basketball exercise for better decision making and reaction speed.
Change of direction drill