Use cases

  • Increase frequency and efficiency of testing
  • Manage return to competition in a data driven way
  • Test in a customized way based on sport and position
  • Get powerful insights

Efficient testing

Increase frequency and efficiency of testing

Testing is a crucial part of driving athletic performance. Perform standardized speed and agility tests more efficiently with the Ledsreact Pro and get more relevant analysis with the built-in testing possibilities. 

Significantly increase the frequency of testing

Thanks to the efficiency of the Ledsreact Pro for setup, testing and data collection, Ledsreact Pro users now test their athletes up to three times per week instead of a few times a year.

Test up to 4 athletes at the same time

The Ledsreact Pro enables you to test up to 4 athletes simultaneously. In combination with the quick setup, coaches can now test a team of 30 players in less than 3 minutes.

Eliminate tedious manual data collection and processing

As soon as the athletes finish their tests, the data is processed and visualized on the web platform. Say goodbye to hours of inputting and processing numbers in Excel and minimize human error.

Insights into winning agility scores

Gain insights into critical agility data points that have never been measured before.

Change of direction
Reaction speed
Decision making
Movement pattern
Difference left vs. right

Back to competition in a data driven way

Guide your athlete's Return to Play based on objective metrics instead of only the coaching eye, so as to optimize the RTP process and reduce the reinjury risk. 


Frequently capture objective baseline data

The Ledsreact Pro enables more efficient and more frequent baseline testing. The exceptional insights give the coach the objective and relevant baseline data they need.

Make data-driven decisions about re-integration based on the athlete’s baseline

By frequently capturing baseline data, coaches now have an objective way of monitoring recovery and using KPIs to make decisions about re-integrating the RTP athlete in a team setting.

Prepare RTP athletes for the demands of a game

On reintegration to practice or games, athletes will feel more confident if prior to this they have been exposed to open drills with reaction speed and decision making abilities.

Customized testing based on sport and position

Standardized tests with customizable distances

With the Ledsreact Pro, you can execute the most common speed & agility tests, used in Draft Combine testing for example. Do you want to change the distances of a test or make the test more unpredictable? We can definitely help you achieve that. Every variable is customizable by you.

Build your own test

More and more coaches are looking for ways of building their own sports specific or even position specific agility test, including multi-directional movements such as a curve sprint or a 45 degrees cut. With the Ledsreact Pro’s custom testing option, you can set up almost any kind of test, and still track every movement.