How it works

1. Measure


Testing is a crucial part of driving athletic performance. The Ledsreact Pro gives you the hard data points you need. Perform standardized speed and agility tests more efficiently and get more relevant analysis with the built-in testing possibilities. No wearable required.

Sprint test

With the Ledsreact Pro, you can test up to 4 players at the same time. Whether you are testing the 5m, 10m, or 30 m sprint, you will be able to track every single movement throughout. This gives you far more relevant insights and richer data compared to total time and splits.


The T-test is one of the most commonly used agility tests. With the Ledsreact Pro, we give you the missing unpredictable stimuli to gain insight in the real agility skills of players. How fast can your players change direction in response to an unpredictable stimulus?

Agility box test

Agility is all about decision making, responding to external stimuli and changing direction or velocity, in multiple directions. The Agility Box test, created by the experts at Ledsreact, is the only agility test that takes all these elements into account.

505 COD test

The ability to change direction is important in almost any sport. The 505 or COD test gives you detailed insights into how an athlete changes direction. The Ledsreact Pro not only gives the total time needed to turn, but also you detailed insights into deceleration, the change of direction, and acceleration, allowing you to tailor your training programs to the specific needs of a player.

Insights into winning agility scores

Gain insights into critical agility data points that have never been measured before.

Change of direction
Reaction speed
Decision making
Movement pattern
Difference left vs. right

Hard data about agility performance

Assess your players’ agility benchmarks and make data-driven decisions based on individualized performance insights.

Focus on what will have the biggest impact

Zero in and focus on the specific elements that have the highest impact on athletes’ performance.

Set benchmarks and track evolution

Give your players targets based on personal or average benchmarks. Monitor how players evolve over time and improve training schedules. 

Make informed decisions about Return to Play and injury prevention

Make data-driven decisions about when players are fully ready to compete again. Detect fatigue and prevent potential injuries when players show lower agility scores. 

2. Improve

Improve how athletes respond during games

Improve your team’s decision making and reaction speed by simulating game situations with the LED stimuli triggered by player movements.

Motivate your players with gamification

Athletes love to compete. They constantly need to be challenged. Increase motivation with competitive drills and live results.

Scale your training expertise

Automate your testing and training, and work with multiple players at the same time. Focus on what really matters. Select a test or a drill, and you’re good to go.