Measure and improve agility

We provide powerful data on speed & agility, enabling coaches to improve athlete performance

Measure agility

Get unique insights about agility, the missing link to peak performance.

Drive performance

Bring game reality to agility training with interactive LED signals. 

Powerful data on speed and agility

Test and improve performance

  • Get insights into multidirectional movements to make more data-driven programming decisions
  • Perform the optimized standard tests or create your own customized test protocols
  • Bring in-game reality to practice with the interactive LED signals of the Ledsreact Pro

Back to competition in a data driven way

  • Capture objective baseline data frequently and monitor recovery
  • Make data-driven decisions about re-integration
  • Prepare RTP athletes for the physical and cognitive demands of a competition game

Where Ledsreact clients compete

Basket Champions League
Premier League
Uefa Champions League
Unique combination
of high level testing and training