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Ledsreact Basic
Ledsreact Basic
Boost your team's decision-making and reaction speed with LED simulations. Get fresh drills for soccer, basketball, and tennis, along with training or rehab exercises. Inject excitement into sessions and elevate performance effortlessly.
Ledsreact Pro
Ledsreact Pro
Gain a unique view of your athletes' agility capacities and uncover key data points influencing performance. Build an athlete overview with detailed testing and training analysis to support data-driven recommendations for Return to Play decisions.
Ledsreact Expertise
Ledsreact Expertise
Partnering with global experts, Ledsreact Expertise delivers game-changing insights for teams and coaches. We specialize in converting brand-new data into meaningful actions, maximizing impact on and off the field. Elevate your game with our collaborative expertise.

Insights into winning agility scores

Gain insights into critical agility data points that have never been measured before.

(Reaction) Speed

What our users say

Jelle Duthoit
Jelle Duthoit
Physio at Belgian Cats and sports & physio centre Wezenbeek

"The Ledsreact allows you to do challenging exercises, while you as a physio can still focus on the technique of your patients. It's sublime because it's so simple to use."

Kenny Thompson
Kenny Thompson
Personal trainer at Kenny PFT Soccer School

"The Ledsreact is like an assistant trainer to me - it became indispensable in many of my exercises. I can easily motivate my players because of the fun factor of the Ledsreact, while I know they are improving their cognitive skills and reaction speed."

Antonio Calado
Antonio Calado
Ex-head of Performance in SC Braga, FC Nantes, RC Celta de Vigo

"With Ledsreact, you can bring the reality of a game to your training context, which used to be very hard to do before. Especially cognitive training used to be impossible to do before I had the Ledsreact."

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