Ledsreact Basic

Increase agility and performance with the Ledsreact Basic

Improve agility and performance

with unexpected visual cues
Improve how your players respond

Improve your team’s decision making and reaction speed by simulating game situations with LED stimuli. 

Get access to science-based drills

Receive new drills every month for soccer, basketball and tennis, training, or rehab exercises.  

Motivate your players

Add variation and fun to your training sessions with the random and unexpected cues from the Ledsreact Basic.  


Sensor for unexpected signals

As soon as a player is detected by the sensor, the LED signal will appear. 

Colors and directions

Select the colors & directions you need for a dynamic and cognitive training.

Long battery life

Get 40 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Water resistant

Training in the rain? No problem. The Ledsreact Basic is 100% waterproof.

Access to database with drills

The number of drills that can be done with the Ledsreact are endless. To make sure you never run out of inspiration, you get access to an exercise database that is updated every month.

These science-based drills can be used in individual as well as group training sessions in soccer, basketball, tennis, or during rehab.