Ledsreact Pro

A unique combination of testing and improving agility

Ledsreact Pro


Without any wearable, the Ledsreact Pro detects multi-directional movements in a 50 m diameter with its unique tracking technology. The interactive LED signals bring the in-game reality to practice.

Mobile app

Prepare your training sessions and use the app as your remote control during practice. Get instant leaderboards and feedback with the most important data, directly on the pitch.

Web platform

After automatic collection and processing, the data is immediately visualized on the web platform to provide you with powerful insights that can be translated into actionable programming decisions.

Performance analytics

Get a unique perspective on your athletes’ agility capacities
Get a unique perspective on your athletes’ agility capacities
Gain insights into crucial data points that determine your athletes’ agility skills and drive performance.
Build your athlete performance overview with testing and training data
Build your athlete performance overview with testing and training data
Build a more complete and more relevant athlete performance overview thanks to detailed analysis of testing and training data.
Improve performance based on data & recommendations
Improve performance based on data & recommendations
Focus on improving the most impactful agility skills and make more informed decisions about Return to Play.

Digital Agility Coach

Optimize standardized tests

Perform speed and agility tests and gain more relevant insights into your players' agility capacities by tracking every movement. No wearables or complex setups required.

Improve how your players respond during a game

Improve your team’s decision making and reaction speed by simulating game situations with the interactive LED stimuli.

Motivate your players with gamification

Increase motivation via competitive drills with live results. 


Prepare your training sessions

Prepare your training sessions with our scientifically-proven exercises. Pick & match the most relevant drills and start them on the spot.

Automate your training

Use the Ledsreact app as your remote control and take advantage of the automated setup.

Get instant feedback on the pitch

Give your players instant feedback with the most relevant data you need on the pitch.

What our users say

Jelle Duthoit
Jelle Duthoit
Physio at Belgian Cats and sports & physio centre Wezenbeek

"The Ledsreact allows you to do challenging exercises, while you as a physio can still focus on the technique of your patients. It's sublime because it's so simple to use."

Kenny Thompson
Kenny Thompson
Personal trainer at Kenny PFT Soccer School

"The Ledsreact is like an assistant trainer to me - it became indispensable in many of my exercises. I can easily motivate my players because of the fun factor of the Ledsreact, while I know they are improving their cognitive skills and reaction speed."

Antonio Calado
Antonio Calado
Ex-head of Performance in SC Braga, FC Nantes, RC Celta de Vigo

"With Ledsreact, you can bring the reality of a game to your training context, which used to be very hard to do before. Especially cognitive training used to be impossible to do before I had the Ledsreact."