Ledsreact Expertise

Hire the expertise of our Founder, Koen Vercauteren, to maximize your results in performance testing, agility training, and return to play.

What we do


Configuring the Ledsreact device, mobile application, and web platform to align with your specific needs.

Data management

Assisting in the seamless importation of players and teams into the Ledsreact system.


Creating, setting up and executing sport-specific exercises tailored to your training requirements.

Data Analysis

Conducting a detailed analysis of the dashboards to define outcomes and identify actionable points for improving athlete performance.

Increase your processes

Efficiency showcase
Efficiency showcase
Our expert can highlight the ease and time efficiency with which you can execute exercises within your unique setting.
Consistency assurance
Consistency assurance
As we are validated with systems as Qualisys Motion Capture & 1080 Motion we are confident to demonstrate the consistency of our technology.
Benchmark creation
Benchmark creation
Our expert can provide a tailored planning to define your own specific benchmarks with advanced outcomes and action points.