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Why Ledsreact Pro?

Drive performance

Sports have become more competitive and data-driven than ever. Are you on top of your game? With the Ledsreact Pro, you will be able to both measure and improve agility, thanks to the testing and training possibilities.

Measure agility

Get insights into winning data points, such as change of direction, acceleration and deceleration, decision making, and reaction speed. Set benchmarks and targets for your athletes, make data-driven decisions about which skills to train, improve return to play, and detect potential injuries.

Improve agility

With the Ledsreact Pro, you can bring in-game reality to agility training and rehab sessions with the right LED signal at exactly the right time. Thanks to the competitive games with live results, you will crank up the motivation of your players. Unleash talent and get on top of your game with the Ledsreact Pro - request your demo today

Unique combination
of high level testing and training