5-10-5 test

Target group


Basketball, Tennis, Other, American Football, Ice Hockey

From age:



Assessing how fast athletes respond to an unpredictable stimulus and their subsequent change of direction speed


1 Ledsreact Pro
2 neutral cones, 2 green cones and 2 red cones

Data points

Total time, split times at the turning points, speed throughout test, acceleration & deceleration throughout test


Sports where short-distance accelerations take place and that require rapid directional changes, can benefit from assessing their athletes’ ability to do so. The 5-10-5 test, also known as the Pro Agility test does just that.

This version by Ledsreact provides an unpredictable stimulus to start off the test, so as to test true agility and not just changes of direction. 

Can also be performed in the traditional pre-planned way without external stimulus.


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