Agility Box test

Target group


Basketball, Tennis, Other, American Football

From age:



Quantify decision making speed and short distanced accelerations and decelerations in all directions


1 Ledsreact Pro
1 red, 1 green, 1 blue and 1 yellow cone

Data points

Total time, time per repetition, speed for each repetition, acceleration & deceleration for each repetition


The Agility Box test is set up as a square of colored cones surrounding the athlete. The Ledsreact Pro displays a colored signal and subsequently tracks the athlete as they respond by going as quickly as possible around the cone of the displayed color.

Get insights into their movement in various directions, and thus the symmetry of their movement pattern. 

This test is a great tool in your Return To Play management test battery! 

Furthermore, it can be set up as a head to head challenge to increase the competetiveness of your athletes. 

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