Assess your athlete's agility how YOU want it 

You've probably been wondering if it's possible to implement your specific tests into the Ledsreact software. Well, a new feature we've released for the Ledsreact Pro is the Master Checkpoint exercise! This exercise allows coaches to execute their own tests. 

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If you're more of a visual learner, you can check out the video.

6 December '21

One checkpoint

For other agility tests like the T-test or the 5-10-5 test, we program different checkpoints along the trajectory of the athlete. This allows for very precise split times and to make sure the test has been executed correctly (no cheating allowed!). 

In the Master Checkpoint, we programmed only one checkpoint. This means that you, as a coach, are free to decide the trajectory of the athlete from this starting point. This can be done in a sport specific way, so you can perform agility tests with a ball or a racket. 

It's important that your test begins and ends at the same position, this will be the checkpoint. In the phone app, you select the position of the checkpoint beforehand in the Variables menu. You should place the checkpoint in a straight line from the Ledsreact Pro.

Data capture on agility

During the exercise, the Ledsreact Pro captures the time between the signal and returning to the checkpoint. Furthermore, you'll get insights into the speed and acceleration of the athlete while performing the exercise.

For your athlete's technical skills, you will now be able to collect data on open sport drills!

To capture all the data on the athlete during the exercise, it's important to stay within the detection zone. This is a triangular area with a 90 degree angle, starting from the Ledsreact Pro.

Detection zone of Master Checkpoint exercise

Distances for detection

The lenght of the detection zone depends on your selection. For the Short Master Checkpoint, it's 10 meters (30 feet). At its widest, the coneshaped detection zone is 14 meters (45 feet) wide. This mode is ideal for small and precise exercises. For the Long Master Checkpoint, the length is 25 meters (80 feet) and the maximum width is 35 meters (115 feet). You would select this mode for tests on big areas.

The checkpoint can be placed anywhere on a straight line from the Ledsreact Pro, at a distance from 1 meter (3 feet) to 8 meters (24 feet) for the Short Master Checkpoint and 10 meters (30 feet) for the Long Master Checkpoint. 

Another setting is the checkpoint radius, which can be 0,5 to 2 meters (1,5 to 6 feet). At the moment the athlete returns to this point, they will get their next signal.

Initial signal 

By default, Initial signal is turned on. This means that the Ledsreact Pro will display the first signal regardless of the athlete's position.

If you turn off Initial signal, your athlete has to start outside the checkpoint and move into the checkpoint to get their first signal displayed. 

Duration settings

The duration of the test is not based on time but on a number of repetitions. In the Variables menu, you can set the number of signals displayed.

It is also possible to choose how many times the athlete has to go out of and into the checkpoint before getting a new signal.

You can use this option for example in a shuttle run, where the athlete returns to their starting point a couple of times but doesn't need a new starting signal. Another example is the three cone drill, where the athlete has to return to the starting position before making their L-turn around the cones. 

Multiplayer mode

The Master Checkpoint supports multiplayer mode up to two people, so you can execute the test with two athletes at the same time.

Both checkpoints are set up at the same distance on opposite sides of the Ledsreact Pro. Each athlete will receive a signal on their corner of the Ledsreact Pro when they return to their checkpoint. This means you can really see which of the two finishes the fastest and is thus the winner!

Visual explanation 

 Click here for the video explanation. 

More information

If you want more information on the Master Checkpoint exercise or have any questions about how to use it, just shoot an email to Valérie!


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