Our much anticipated release has arrived! In this article we'll guide you through the new features you can encounter and which improvements you might notice. This release means a complete overhaul on all levels from the Ledsreact Pro, over the phone app, to the web platform. Let's get started!

23 September '21


New testing possibilities

5-10-5 test, for testing change of direction and explosiveness

A classic test, also referred to as the pro-agility test, that is used as an assessment in the NBA and NFL draft combine and most other field and court sports. It consists of rapid directional changes in a linear plane

  • As coach you have the option to test your player's decision making speed as it's up to you to choose the signal direction of the Ledsreact Pro. This means you can decide to guide the player in a preplanned direction, or to let the player react to a random visual cue.
  • When placing your cones you should follow our predefined setup, which is green to the right and red to the left. 
  • The checkpoints at the outside cones are placed in a way that passing them with one foot is enough to be detected. You will see the Ledsreact Pro lighting up with the color green and red to validate you've reached the right or left checkpoint.

T-Test, for testing lateral and front-to-back movement

This test is a useful agility test for the assessment of multidirectional movement. It is often used as a drill and assessment in soccer, basketball and a lot of other field and court sports.

  • Just like the 5-10-5 test, the T-test offers the option to test the player's decision making speed. When running up to the Ledsreact Pro, it will show the visual cue once you arrive at the cone. It's the coach's decision to determine the direction beforehand or to get a random visual cue.
  • When placing your cones you should follow our predefined setup, which is green to the right and red to the left. 
  • For the T-test the Ledsreact Pro will show you the color green and red as well to validate you've reached the outer checkpoints. When returning to the middle, it will light up white to indicate you can move back to the starting point.
  • The test is set up to support lateral or frontal movements. You can choose to move laterally and stay in front of the cone or to run the T-shaped pattern frontally and go around the cone.

Long Sprint Test

This addition allows coaches to test their players accurately over a longer distance. 

  • The regular Sprint Test is now limited to 20 meters while the Long Sprint Test can be executed up until a distance of 40 meters
  • To be able to perform a Long Sprint Test, the sensors of three corners are combined. This has the consequence that the Long Sprint Test doesn't have multiplayer mode available like the regular Sprint Test.


Get live insights

The biggest change to the app must be the live results, making it possible for the coach to get immediate feedback on his player's performance and incite his players even more. 

  • Only the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Ledsreact Pro is sufficient. You don't need to have a WiFi network to get the live data.
  • The results can be shown in chronological order of testing or as a ranking of your players.
  • Be careful! The results are not saved on your phone, so once you start the next exercise you won't be able to show them again.


Create custom exercises 

The process of creating your own custom library has been facilitated.

  • The variables menu is now readily available for the Basic Repeat and the Basic Detection Zone. With the animated view of the Ledsreact Pro, your choices are immediately visualized. Any setup you create, can now be saved as a new exercise and used whenever you want to.
  • If you don't want to use one of your custom exercises anymore, you can now easily remove it. When clicking on the three dots at the top right of an exercise, you will see the option to delete the exercise.


Assessing data

In the web platform, you can consult the data of your exercise sessions. 

  • For every session, you find an overview of all the players involved. When you click on a player's name to get the data of his performance, you find three charts: duration, speed and acceleration. By clicking the arrow at the top right, you can look more closely at each of them. This view has been improved and the hoover function has become more smooth. Be sure to try out our new zoom function! By clicking and dragging your cursor across the graph, you zoom into the selected part.
  • By implementing new post processing algorithms, we've optimized the data quality. The post processing allows to filter out faulty points, like the movement of an arm instead of the full body. These algorithms will continuously improve to provide you with the most accurate data.
  • It is now possible to delete a session from the web platform. This way you won't clog your Activity Log with unnecessary data.
  • The web platform is now accessible on a tablet screen as well. Holding it in landscape mode, you can see the same overview as on your laptop.


Straightforward connection

Connecting your phone to the Ledsreact pro has become easier.

  • Turning on the Ledsreact Pro only takes a second now.
  • A previous Bluetooth connection with the Ledsreact Pro is now remembered. By selecting your Ledsreact Pro in the menu, the connection is automatically reestablished. No need anymore to click the + sign at the top of the menu. 
  • It's possible to connect more than one phone at the same time, making it easier to work together between coaches.
  • The connection to WiFi networks can now be managed within the Ledsreact Pro network settings. You'll discover a list of saved networks and available networks. A previously saved network can be forgotten and you can pair your Ledsreact Pro hassle free to any new WiFi network.
  • In your phone app, you will get more information about your cone. For example, you can track its battery status and you'll be notified within the app when there's a new update available for your cone.



If you would encounter a technical issue, do not hesitate to contact us at support@ledsreact.com. Our support team is ready to help you out! We're proud to say that every problem until now has been solved within hours. 


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