Turning your feedback into action

We've taken your feedback into account and implemented some changes to the test protocol. A brief summary below.

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6 December '21

Starting position

The most important change is that the starting position for the sprint test and the COD test has moved from 1 to 1,5 meter to allow all players to take a comfortable starting stance.

Assessing groups

The delay between two players when testing a large group of players has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds. This will give the next player a bit more time to get in position, all the while maintaining your testing time efficiency.

Detection at turning points

We've improved the detection for the turning point in the Change of Direction (COD) test. As we track the center of mass, some people noticed that the test didn't fully work when taking the turning point with just one foot on the line. Without you having to change anything, we've solved this issue to allow you to perform the COD test as you're used to.

Switching between phones

For multiple coaches using the same Ledsreact Pro, it has become easier to switch connection between different phones. Until now, the only way to disconnect a phone over Bluetooth was through the button on the Ledsreact Pro itself.

Now, you can also use the Menu in your phone app. When you go to Ledsreact Pro you'll see the option to "Disconnect this Ledsreact Pro from Bluetooth" at the bottom of the Overview page. The Bluetooth connection is then available for other users to connect to the Ledsreact Pro. 

Starting an exercise

When starting an exercise, the Ledsreact Pro will automatically select the connected device over Bluetooth, instead of asking you every time how you want to connect. If your club owns just one Ledsreact Pro, you won't be asked which device you want to connect to either. This will improve the exercise flow on the field.

Head-to-head comparison

When going to a player's results in the acitivity log, you will now see the option in the header to compare their results. You can select any other player that has performed the same test to see how they compare to each other. It's also possible to compare a player to one of their earlier attempts. 

In a next phase the comparison function will be expanded to allow comparing more than two attempts at the same time. 

Player profiles

On the web platform, the player profiles are currently in full development. The first step is expanding the fields on team and player level. You can select the sport, level, hours of training and add some metrics about your players.

One of the next steps will involve the player profile being completed with information about the player's tests. The extra data fields will also allow in the future for comparison at a greater scale.

The players' metrics are important if you want to be able to calculate their Force Velocity profile, a function that is coming early next year. 

Agility drill database

The phone app now contains a database of drills that are performed with the Basic Repeat and the Basic Detection Zone. This way, we can show some of the endless possibilities with the Ledsreact Pro and provide extra inspiration for all coaches.

Be aware that the drills with Basic Repeat and Basic Detection Zone are meant for training players, so they don't capture data. If you want to get insights into your player's agility exercises, you can now use the Master Checkpoint exercise.

Displaying the initial signal

A new setting that has been introduced for the Basic Detection Zone drills and the Master Checkpoint is the Initial signal.

Until now, the player had to come from outside and move into the detection zone to get their first signal. This meant the player had to start away from the Ledsreact Pro. From now on, if you select Initial signal in the Variables menu, the Ledsreact Pro will display its first signal after the countdown regardless of the player's position.

Find your exercises more easily

To accommodate all the extra exercises, you'll see that the Home tab page consists of more categories. They are organized in different rows, depending on the type. 

Furthermore, you can now filter on the tags to find the exercise you're searching for. When you're in the Exercise tab page, you'll see the filters you can set at the top of the page. 

More information

If you have any questions or need more information on the use of your Ledsreact Pro, just shoot an email to Valérie

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